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use our internet connection to find a deal

you pay us with cash

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who is it for?


you are one of a small close-knit group of people for whom cash is clique


no address? no bank? no credit card? nowhere to deliver? escaped to freedom? great!


so one of the main advantages for living off grid is freedom


• we connect you to the world of the internet without compromising your freedom •


• we accept your cash in a cashless society, let them track us not you •


• we help you to buy goods without compromising your privacy •


what our customers won't say about us

ten more minutes in this place and I swear I would've had to pee on the floor, so I feel like they do a great service because I like the makeup they helped me get from Amazon

this shop makes the dark web look like a floodlit casino, the stuff they offered me was sinister but I settled for something simple, just a cheap toaster and a shoe rack

the staff are batshit, the owner tried to poke my eye out with a fork and accused me of being his Dad, I think they are smoking something they bought off the deep web!